A Heart-Melting Video Of A Cow Feeding Puppies Is Going Viral, People Can’t Stop Awwing

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 05 Jan 2019

We come many videos on the social media, few makes us laugh out loud, few makes us angry while some makes our hearts melt. So today, we have a video which after seeing it, I bet you will have tears of joy and once you will say “Aww”.

We are talking about a video of a cow who was captured feeding four orphaned puppies. Someone who had recorded this beautiful video has hit the web and is going viral. The video shows how humans lack humanity, but animals still have that feeling and they do such kind deeds without any expectations.

According to some accounts, there were reports about the mother of these cute little puppies must have died and they are all alone now. But in this bad world, these puppies got their mother who is a cow and she has adopted them and is satisfying their hunger by feeding them.

Take a look at the video here…

While the cow patiently sits and lets the puppies have milk, the pups are so busy that they almost forgot who is there beside them and are enjoying the feeding.

Via – The Indian Feed VideosCow adopts and feeds 4 puppies after their mother dies in an accident. <3A video of a cow and four puppies went viral where the cow can be seen feeding the puppies. An onlooker, who was witnessing this unusual incident, shot it on the phone. The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh, IndiaA mother deserves to be treated like this. She should feel loved, needed, valued. And in return, she'll give you all that she has. She won't ask you your genus, species and find a child in you. That she's a mother is enough to make her do what this cow did to these little puppies who lost their mother. That she's an animal, that she's a cow and whom she adopted, breastfed, were puppies faded away. Lastly, a mother's love shone brightly!

Gepostet von The Indian Feed am Freitag, 4. Januar 2019

This is not the first time when we came across such melt-melting videos. But earlier too, similar videos had surfaced on the social media in one of the videos where a pet dog and cat were seen showering each other with love. Twitteratis can’t stop gushing about this and have showered lots of love on this beautiful video.

The two species aren’t known to be best of friends, but this was quite unique and the six-second video shows dog Maggie gently petting cat whose name is Pumpkin on her back.


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There was another video surfacing on the social media where a lioness was en feeding a one and half-month-old leopard cub after it got separated from its mother. The video as taken by forest staff.



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