Hema Malini made fun of by Netizens over her picture she posted on Twitter

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 02 Apr 2019

Hema Malini who just started her Lok Sabha election campaign in Mathura and she shared a picture of herself on Twitter working on a wheat farm. She wrote, “Began my Lok Sabha campaign today with the Govardhan Kshetra where I had the opportunity to interact with women working in the fields. A few fotos for u of my first day of campaign”

Hema Malini wore a golden saree to a wheat farm. The 70-year-old, actor-turned-politician, sitting MP from Mathura shared a lot of pictures on her Twitter handle. In the pictures, she is in conversation with the workers, working with the sickle, and cutting crop.

While some people appreciated the work, others on the internet made fun of her. The picture after it was uploaded received a lot of comments. The people on the internet are talking about how these pictures are nothing but a publicity stunt as elections are close.

Though it wasn’t what she was looking forward to, people on the internet did make her fun.

The people called it a ‘Drama’ before the elections and asked her in the comments to stop with it already. The netizens doe not seem to be very impressed by the pictures, according them it is only a ‘Vote Gathering Scheme’. The Internet has also given her a name after the picture,  “Dreamgirl or Drama girl?’

Hema Malini who is contesting from  Mathura Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh after her win in 2014. We hope she wins again this time. We also hope that she choose a better time to work and post pictures like these. The internet is filled with people who are going to judge. Sometimes it is right and sometimes it is not. But it is surely no place of pretending. You cannot fool the internet. But we are expecting something much better than this from Hema Malini, and something like this but not during the election period.

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