Here’s how fans reacted to Akshay Kumar’s midnight apology for Vimal ‘You didn’t sleep at 9 tonight?’

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Published by Simnan on 21 Apr 2022

Akshay Kumar stunned his fans in the early hours of Thursday as he announced his decision to step away as the brand ambassador of Vimal.

On Thursday, Akshay Kumar made a surprising announcement at 1 am. Taking to his social media accounts, Akshay apologised to his fans for signing an ad deal with a tobacco brand. The actor had faced backlash and dismay from his fans when he was revealed as the new face of Vimal.

After his announcement, fans were happy that the actor admitted his mistake and made a public acknowledgement. “Real Men accept the mistake and accepting the mistake makes you even greater.. It shows how much imp your Fans are for you,” commented a fan. “We youth consider you as our idol, you don’t need any such ad like that,” read another comment. Akshay has pledged to donate his fee for the ad to a ‘worthy cause’.

Fans were also quite shocked by the timing of Akshay’s post. The actor is known for his disciplined lifestyle, sleeping early and waking up at 4. A couple of fans jokingly asked why he was up so late. “Soya nai abhi tak? (not sleeping yet),” asked one. “Bhai aj ap 9 baje nhi soye ho (Brother you are not sleeping at 9 tonight),” commented another. “Arey aap iss time uthe kaise hue ho (How are you up at this hour),” asked another.

In his apology, Akshay wrote, “I am sorry. I would like to apologise to you, all my fans and well-wishers. Your reaction over the past few days has deeply affected me. While I have not and will not endorse tobacco, I respect the outpouring of your feelings in light of my association with Vimal Elaichi. With all humility, I step back. I have decided to contribute the entire endorsement fee towards a worthy cause. The brand might continue airing the ads till the legal duration of the contract that is binding upon me, but I promise to be extremely mindful in making my future choices. In return, I shall forever continue to ask for your love and wishes.”

Akshay was made the face of the brand Vimal after Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. All three had starred in an ad together, which was released earlier this month. Newly, actor Amitabh Bachchan had also stepped back from a brand deal he did not feel comfortable doing.

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