Hina Khan makes her fans laugh with her by sportingly replying to her funny video

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Hina Khan is known for her wit and sporting nature towards her fans. During the lockdown, we caught her replying to her fans a lot of times on social media, giving them something to laugh or think about. Recently, one of Hina Khan’s fans posted a video of her cartwheeling her way into a house. This video is from the cameo she did in a show on Colors TV as a promotion for Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 in year 2017 when she was one of the contestants on the show.

To this hilarious video, Hina Khan reacted with wit and took it all in the name of fun. She also mentioned the channel and also pointed out the change of shoes in the scene because of the body double. She said, “I guess @ColorsTV got too carried away with the body double hahahahaha Apparently, I also changed my shoes while jumping around on an empty road..lol It’s superrr funny .. keep’em coming .. I love it ..”

Hina’s sporting nature was really appreciated and admired by her fans, and she received a lot of positive comments for the same. Hina Khan has been acutely active on her social media handles mainly posting her workout videos, for which she was earlier poked. To this, she politely replied that her videos might inspire someone and that she doesn’t cares about the quality of the video.

Hina’s fans find it very admirable that she knows how to take a joke, and that she stays in the headlines without creating drama, doing her work perfectly without making public mess.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 16 Jul 2020

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