Hina Khan reveals why she lost out on Kashmiri girl’s role, despite being Kashmiri

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Published by Rashi Tiwari on 28 Sep 2021

Hina Khan, a Kashmiri actress, revealed that she was previously passed up for a role as a Kashmiri girl because of her “dusky” skin. She claimed that she could have done perfectly and can also justify the character role as she knows how to speak her native language fluently.

Meanwhile, Hina did not name the project but she also revealed that the team felt she “didn’t look Kashmiri enough” and decided to replace her with someone else. Hina also added  that she felt “very bad” about it.

With the leading daily newspaper in a interview she said that “There are times when I probably don’t like the plot or don’t want to do that kind of character for the time being.” She continued that “but there are also times when you probably test for it, and you are very keen that it works, but it doesn’t work out for various reasons.”

she continued that “I can’t talk about the project but I recall not being able to crack a project because I didn’t appear Kashmiri enough.” Although she Kashmiri and can speak the language fluently, but she was not cast because of  her dusky complexion and She was not that fair. Hina added that’s what the character and the team demanded. I felt terrible. You might definitely do great in that character if you speak the language so well, however I didn’t get cast since I don’t look Kashmiri (laughs). I never give up and never lose hope. I’m going to keep trying!”

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