Hrithik Roshan Changes His Strict Routine, and the Reason Will Leave You Impressed

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Published by Isha Kataria on 22 Feb 2019

One of the most disciplined actors, Hrithik Roshan is usually known for his strict schedule. Hrithik prefers to go to bed early and wakes up early and starts his day with his gym sessions. But he has changed his daily routine as per the demands of his upcoming film, in order to coordinate with the night schedule.

The Kaabil actor is gearing up for his upcoming movies. And as per the demands, the actor has changed his schedule. For now, he is travelling a lot as the movie is being shot at multiple locations.

In an exclusive statement, Hrithik quoted, “I have always been a morning person. I like to start my day early but for the film that I am currently shooting, we are also doing a lot of night shoots. It is a big shift in my daily routine, but as actors, over a period of time, we get immune to it.”

Despite shooting at night and travelling a lot, the actor is seen as energetic every day as soon as he enters the set. The actor works as per the timings and never wastes his time. He usually works hard and completes the schedule before the end of the day.


Meanwhile, Hrithik is all for his biographical drama Super 30. The movie is slated to release on July 26, 2019. It is being helmed and co-produced Anurag Kashyap. Along with Hrithik, the movie also features Pankaj Tripathi in the main role.

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