Hritik Roshan Has a Duplicate! No Kidding, This Bengali TV Actor Looks a Lot Like Hrithik

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 04 Apr 2019

Syed Arefin’s name might not be a household name yet, but he is a well-renowned actor in Bengali Television. He also has an uncanny resemblance to one of the hottest males on the planet, Hrithik Roshan. While we know the theory that there are seven people in this world that look similar to you, getting to meet your doppelganger is one of the coolest ever. And if Syed’s rise to fame continues, he may well act alongside Hrithik.

Syed is among the hottest Bengali small screen actors, that is due to his resemblance with one of the hottest Bollywood actor. He is the male protagonist of Star Jalsha’s daily soap Irabotir Chupkatha, and while viewers have seen him romancing with one of the big names of Bengali television Monami Ghosh on screen with ease, he is actually very shy, particularly in front of women. Bengali fans might find that hard to believe.

Whenever someone talks about Syed’s resemblance with Hrithik, he blushes and says, “No way. I have seen him many times during my Mumbai phase. He is like a God to me. He is so perfect! In fact, I decided to become an actor after watching Kaho Na Pyar Hai during my teens.”

Before entering the mainstream TV, Syed was a model and his acting career took off in 2010. After spending a couple of years doing small roles on TV, he shifted to Mumbai for some time. According to Syed, his time in Mumbai was very crucial as he learned a lot about life while in Mumbai. After featuring in some national ad campaigns, he started working on his physique.

“Being an actor, it’s too important to work on your body and remain fit enough for any tough stint. When I am not shooting, I love to spend hours at the gym,” says the actor. Despite achieving so much in his life, he has remained grounded and is still looking forward to growing even more in his career.

Syed further added, “I am thankful to Acropolis Entertainment and Star Jalsha from the core of my heart. This show has made me famous almost overnight, and I am very lucky to have a co-star like Monami. I learn a lot from her every day. But I do feel, this is just the beginning of a journey, and I have miles to go before it occurs to me that I have really done something.”

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