Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo from the Avengers send a heartfelt message to his fans, Watch the message here:

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The man who plays the role of the angry devil Hulk in the Avengers, Mark Ruffalo is actually a sweetheart in real life. Mark is one of the sweetest celebs out there and recently he won our hearts by thanking all of his fans who went to the theatres to see Avengers Endgame, while he also thanked the people working in theatres as well.

It has been just days since the movie got released but it has gone on to break records of all kinds. Not only does Endgame stake its claim as the best Marvel movie ever, but it has also established itself in history books forever. The film has managed to earn 100 crores in a mere two days and it continues to run all shows housefull.

Given the love fans have showered upon the movie, Mark was quick to acknowledge that he felt grateful for the same and thanked the fans for their support. “Thank you to everyone that went to see #Endgame this weekend, reminding us how great it is to watch movies with others. And a special thank you to people working at the theatres this weekend. Love you 3000,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

This comes after the movie got leaked in India before its release and messages of the same began circling around the net. Nonetheless, the breakout led to another social media campaign known as #dontspoilendgame. Despite the leak, the movie has been doing exceptionally well and fans have been finding it hard to get tickets for the same with shows beginning as early as 5 in the morning and running up until midnight.

Mark also urged his fans to not share spoilers of the movie as fans have been waiting a long time to witness the epic finale in the Endgame.

Published by Amrit Santlani on 30 Apr 2019

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