Hunarbaaz: Parineeti Chopra has some serious singing talent, watch video

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Published by vipulsipani on 05 Apr 2022

TV’s popular talent reality show ‘Hunarbaaz’ is looting a lot of limelight among the audience these days. More than one contestant coming to this show is winning the hearts of the judges and the audience. This time the panel has Mithun Chakraborty, Parineeti Chopra and Karan Johar who are seen judging the contestants. Every weekend a special guest arrives in this show who salutes the talent of the contestants. This time Punjabi singer Neha Bhasin is going to come.

Neha will not only be seen dancing in the show with Mithun Chakraborty, but will also be seen singing with Parineeti Chopra.

Parineeti Chopra has shared a video on her social media, in which she is seen singing and harmonizing with Neha. Parineeti Chopra is very fond of singing. She often sings and does Riyaz in her free time. Parineeti Chopra has told about this many times in the show.

Karan Johar is seen making headlines due to his deep look and wits in the show. Parineeti Chopra has told Karan Johar many times that she sings well, but Karan Johar never believed it. This time Parineeti Chopra also left Karan after convincing him. When Parineeti Chopra sang with Neha Bhasin, Karan Johar was very impressed with her. Karan’s expressions are clearly visible in the video.

Finally, when Neha Bhasin and Parineeti Chopra finish their singing jugalbandi, Karan Johar and Mithun Chakraborty stand up and play the buzzer and clap for Parineeti Chopra. This video of Parineeti Chopra is becoming very viral on social media. Posting the video, Parineeti Chopra wrote in the caption, “Ahhh me more singing. My meditation. I had a lot of fun doing the thing I love to do. And this time I’ve done it with you Neha Bhasin. We have to hurry.” – Must do it soon.” Celebrity friends of Parineeti Chopra are constantly commenting on this video.

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