“I don’t have any bad blood, neither does he” says Ram Gopal Varma remembering the time when Aamir Khan felt betrayed

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Published by Ishani Yadav on 14 May 2021

A quarter of a century ago, Ram Gopal Varma made an epic love story movie named “Rangeela,” recently he opened up about how Aamir Khan felt “betrayed” after some misunderstanding by a comment.

He told in an interview that he was quoted in a news report as having said that a ‘waiter’ delivered a better performance than Aamir, and due to the reason we don’t have cellphones at that time Aamir was unable to get in touch with him he said “Aamir is a very dedicated, passionate, and patient person, which I am not. I am a very impulsive guy,” the filmmaker told Bollywood Hungama. He said that they didn’t have a ‘fallout’ but more of a ‘misunderstanding.’ “I don’t have any bad blood, neither does he,” after the incident, he met Aamir and shorted out everything.

Ram Gopal Varma concluded his statement by praising Aamir Khan’s performance “The whole world has seen Rangeela, they’ve loved it. That guy is in half a scene. Me saying the waiter is better than you, in what way do you think is going to make any difference? In fact, it will come on me… But he felt betrayed, and that’s my fault completely.”

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