Imran Khan has no plans to direct his mamu Aamir khan, also gives reason for it

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Published by Shifa Naz on 23 Sep 2018

Imran Khan who entered Bollywood with a good opening from the movie “Jaane tu ya jaane na” which was really appreciated by the viewers. But after that movie, his Bollywood acting career was not in a good pace.

Now he is all set to start his new career in Bollywood in the direction line, he recently directed a new short movie called as Mission Mars and his upcoming project is a feature film.

Considering that he’s the nephew of one the biggest stars in the country, you’d think he’d make the most of that connection. But Imran is not planning to direct his uncle, in addition to it he gave the clarification as,
“A star of that eminence cannot be directed by a young, inexperienced director,” he says, adding, “For example, if you’re a first-time director and you’re making a movie with Amitabh Bachchan, what will you tell him? Will you be in a position to say that you’re not happy with a shot and that you want to do one more take?”

It would really be very difficult for a naive to direct such experienced talents.

In the film industry, they say if you’re out of sight for a while, you are out of mind. Does the thought of making a comeback make Imran nervous? To this, Imran said, “Well, that could be judged with the work only. The actor-director says it doesn’t bother him and its he work which the audience will appreciate.”

“If I look for the approval of a critic, a producer, or the audience, it means they have some influence over my decisions, and I don’t want that to be the case. There is nothing that any of them can give me. I only want to be part of quality films, and nobody is giving me that anyway; so I have to make them myself. It doesn’t matter to me that I’ve been out of sight,” he says.

Well, now we wish Imran a good career life in direction line and would like to see the uncle-nephew jodi in a good project working together.

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