Independent filmmaker Savita Oberoi pays tribute to the legendary late actor Dilip Kumar with a documentary about his life

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Published by Swathy S on 11 Jul 2021

Savita Oberoi, the Delhi-based independent filmmaker, pays her tribute by making a documentary on the life of the late legendary actor Dilip Kumar. The Marathi film producer’s daughter Savita Oberoi has made many documentaries and short films. Her films includes a wide range of subjects and her passion for cinema began when she was a child as she used to with her father on the sets of his films.

‘Dilip Kumar’, the unreleased documentary, attempts to give an into the life and works of the late legend and shows certain aspects of his professional and personnel life. The filmmaker has also made documentaries on other legends including B R Chopra, Yash Chopra, Ashok Kumar and Asha Bhosle.

Talking about what inspired her to research, produce and direct the documentary, Savita told “I have totally been in love and awe of Dilip Kumar and his work from a very young age. When I met him for the first time, it set me thinking that I wanted to do a film on him”.

“I have simply been lucky and blessed to be able to make a film on him because as far as I know, Dilip Kumar was not easily available to the media”, she added.

The 45 minute long film focuses on the birth of Dilip Kumar, how he gradually acquired stardom, and that elements that are responsible for influencing his acting. It also includes a rare interview of the late actor speaking about his film industry life, his method of acting and photographs that portrays his life and films.

Savita recollecting the time when she first spoke to Dilip Kumar, “When the first time I spoke to Dilip Kumar and said that I would like to do a film on him, the only thing he asked me was a questionnaire and I just started working on the film”.

“He used to prepare for the minutest incidents in the film, well rehearsing for it, for a long time”, she added.

In the documentary, Dilip Kumar spoke about his initial days in the interview, “I wish I had some training in acting, it was painfully difficult for me to face the camera”.

Savita, remembering a personnel instance with the actor, told that “After I did the interview with him, he had said to me that you speak in a slow pace, just like Paaro. So, I think I got a compliment of a lifetime from him”.

The documentary concludes by enlightening the viewers with the lesser-known and known facts of the legendary actor.




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