India vs Pakistan is one match everyone is waiting for since the start of the WC

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 15 Jun 2019

On Sunday, India will be facing its fourth match in the ICC WORLD CUP 2019 tournament which is organized in England this time. India has won all of the matches it played before and one match that was on the 13th of June against New Zealand got canceled because of the rains. It is no doubt that India is actually one of the strongest competitors among the teams which are playing in the tournament. Before that Indian Cricket Team faced Australian Cricket team and the game was so amazing that we cannot even explain it to the words. The game ended in the favor of India but it was a nail-biting end.

As of for Pakistan, it is one of the most crucial matches because if they win this match, it will be easier for them to stay in the competition. But if they lose the match, it will turn out to be somewhat an end to their journey in the tournament. But no matter what, India vs Pakistan is the only match that can turn the streets and the roads of both the nations empty. For us, I think it is equal to the final and it also gives the feels of the finals.

Both the teams have strong bowlers and strong batsmen and it will surely be one amazing game. Indian Players are extremely pumped up and in a really great spirit and mood. Looking at the Pakistan team, we surely observed from their game that they are don’t actually leave the game and their spirit till the very end which is great. A team should never leave the game until the game is over. India vs Pakistan is surely one game we all wait to watch and luckily it is falling on a Sunday. What we can hope for is rain to not ruin the game, that’s all.

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