Indian Oil Corporation Commenced Doorstep Fuel Service, Delivers Fuel At Home In Chennai

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Published by Isha Kataria on 03 Jan 2019

Indian Oil Corporation has taken a step forward towards delivering fuel on doorsteps of Chennai. Earlier, the corporation announced this unique service for its consumers where the agency also promised for home deliveries of fuel on demand in India. Maharashtra was the first state to initiate the service and now it is being followed in Chennai.

The corporation has established mobile fuel dispenser vehicles in Tamil Nadu. The fuel doorstep service will provide only diesel fuel right now, as petrol is more volatile than diesel. It would be difficult to handle the whole transporting it to different locations.

Talking about the delivery truck, it is being fitted with a mobile dispenser which can hold up to 6000 liters at a time. Presently, the main targets of the company are the industrial customers and private service owners. This doorstep service will offer convenience to those customers that operate generators at commercial establishments. This initiative f doorstep fuel delivery also gives us safer transportation of fuel, instead of carrying the highly flammable liquid in barrels.

The services are initiated more to help the commercial fleets which would have a large number of diesel vehicles.
Moreover, there is a diesel dispenser which totally looks like the regular dispenser used at the fuel pumps. This service targetted to save time and efforts of such a large number of consumers. This will also help those who are in urgency to get their vehicle moving. This will also be acting like a big positive point for those who are residents of remote areas with limited access to fuel pumps to get the fuel refilled.

The Indian Oil Corporation established this initiative in Pune last year and commenced mobile fuel delivery in Mumbai last year. Presently, they provide diesel in Pune and Mumbai.

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