Indian Railways Has 2.66 lakh jobs vacant and the government has commenced recruiting half of it

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Published by Isha Kataria on 22 Jan 2019

Indian Railways is among the largest employers in the world with a workforce of 13 lakh employees. Indian Railways is among the largest employers overall the country. From several years, the Indian Railways are unable to fill the vacancies. According to the statistics till November 2018, 266,790 Group C & D posts were vacant

During the 2016-17 the total number of railway employees was 13,08,323. Whereas the total number of Railway employees during 2008-09 was 13,86,011. Over years, more and more employees are getting retired and lesser jobs are generated.

Now, the Indian Railways have commenced the recruitment process for 1.2 lakh vacant posts. It was being reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has set up a bill aside that includes a quota for government jobs for poorer members of India’s upper castes. The bill came in existence when the Bharatiya Janata Party defeat in the Assembly election in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and months before a challenging General Election.

The Government has clearly failed in the employment generation. India has seen a jobless growth in India and Jobs have become a national priority and an election issue. It is being opposed because Indian Railways have been taking a lot of time for this.

The system of Indian Railways comes on the first largest employers of the world but they have also failed on to fulfill the vacancies. However, a Right to Information query discloses a dismal picture with railways and its system

Later, when it was questioned about the breakdown of a number of people retiring and the number of job opportunities generated over the last year, the data was pretty much a disappointment.

The data in the reports show that from 2008 to 2018 did recruit more people than the number of employees who got retirement. Whereas the number of vacancies got increased and went on up to 3 lakh.

The data of Staff Retired Recruitment includes:

2007-08: 42,149
2008-09: 40,290 13,870
2009-10: 41,372 11,825
2010-11: 43,251 5,913
2011-12: 44,360 23,292
2012-13: 68,728 28,467
2013-14: 60,754 31,805
2014-15: 59,960 15,191
2015-16: 53,654 27,995
2016-17: 58,373 19,587
2017-18: 19,100

The number of railways employees in years includes:

No of Employees in the Year 2016-17

Group ‘A’ 8,382


Group ‘B’ 8,059


Group ‘C’ 9,13,343


Group ‘D’ 4,56,227


Total 13,86,011


After having elections last year, the government started the process of recruitment for 1.2 lakh vacant post of Group C, D that will be fulfilled this year. And this is half of the total vacant jobs at the Railways.

The Year-wise empanelment is as under:

2008-2009: 13,870

2009-2010: 11,825

2010-2011: 5,913

2011-2012: 23,292

2012-2013: 28,467

2013-2014: 31,805

2014-2015: 15,191

2015-2016: 27,995

2016-2017: 19,587

2017-2018: 19,100

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