Know Why Indian Railways Will Now Take The Blankets 30 Mins Before Your Journey Ends

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Published by Isha Kataria on 15 Jan 2019

Indian Railways has been trying to improve all the facilities that are given to the passengers. They are giving us the world-class facilities onboard trains as well as at the railway stations. But it’s saddening to know that some of the passengers disrespect these facilities. Well, it’s nothing new to hear about the theft of Indian Railways property. And now the situation has gone so worsen that the public transporter has to keep even the toilet mug chained.

Some of the unruly passengers on the train usually steal the blankets, bedsheets, pillows, and towel during their journey. From a very long time, the railway system has been working on proving the passengers with the great facilities for their security and comfortability.

The loss is being suffered because of these undisciplined passengers. To calculate these facts, a report has been made to check the number of stolen commodities from trains was presented in October last year.

Passengers stole 1.95 lakh towels, 81,736-bed sheets, 55,573 pillow covers, 5,038 pillows, and 7,043 blankets in the year 2017. Not only this but the list also included 200 toilet mugs, nearly 1,000 taps, and over 300 flush pipes.

And Its a major disappointment to see the transporter’s struggle with unruly passengers. In case of these missing items, the cost is being recovered by the concerned staff. In order to hander these type of situations and control the theft, railways has found out a solution. According to a report the Railway Minister, Rajen Gohain informed in Lok Sabha that coach attendants will now collect the blankets from the passengers 30 minutes before they reach their destination. This will help in keeping a check on their theft of railway commodities. Not exactly, but somehow it will help to solve the problem partially.

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