Isha Ambani reveals why hubby Anand Piramal reminds him of her father, Mukesh Ambani

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Published by Isha Kataria on 31 Jan 2019

The fairytale wedding of Isha Ambani on December 12, 2018, was the most talked wedding of the year. Prior a week, the family celebrated all the pre-wedding functions. The pictures from the big-fat wedding surfaced all over the social media. Post her wedding, Isha Ambani has been talking about her personal life.

In an interview, Isha Ambani revealed many important facts about her wedding and hubby, Anand Parimal. She revealed, “He hates attending events, I enjoy them. I really enjoyed our wedding, but it was not exactly his idea of fun (laughs). He’s more spiritual than I am. But we are also very similar. We are both very family-oriented, and we both love food. I remember in one of the speeches that my father gave at my wedding, he listed ten reasons why he liked Anand. It was hilarious, and dad concluded by saying that these are probably the same ten things that he would also use to describe himself. And it’s true; in many ways, Anand reminds me of my father.”

She went ahead and revealed some reasons that make Anand, a great husband, and life partner. She stated, “I love his amazing sense of humor and his spirituality.”

When she was asked if the work-life balance has changed after marriage. She told, “Last night, we had dinner, and then from 11 pm to 3 am Anand had a meeting in his office. So, I don’t think his life has changed, and neither has mine. At this stage, work is a priority for both of us. And luckily, our parents understand that. Fortunately, the family I was born into and the family I married into have the same work ethic—every member of both families knows the importance of work.”

Speaking about her big fat wedding, she revealed, “The wedding went off beautifully. Like any other bride, I had my share of bridal jitters but getting married at home made it very special and I had the time of my life celebrating my most memorable moments with all the people I love.”

We all know that Isha Ambani has always taken smart decision for her company. When she was asked about, if she makes important decisions for her own wedding as well and how involved was she at her own wedding, she said, “During the wedding my mom was CEO and I was chairperson. She and dad did all the hard work. Thankfully, we ended up liking the same things, so that made it a breeze. I didn’t go to a single wedding meeting. I was never someone who dreamt of how my wedding would be, yet it was wonderful in more ways than I can imagine. It was a very emotional affair for everyone in my family. I was emotional too but everyone around me would cry all the time. I only cried at my bidaai because I felt some peer pressure as everyone else was crying, especially my parents.”

Isha’s wedding was just an extravaganza. Ambanis spent a lot on their daughter’s wedding. It is being reported that a whopping amount of 70 crores was spent on the wedding.

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