Ishaan and Ananya’s preparation with ‘Bambaiyya twang’ for Khaali Peeli

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As the release date for Khaali Peeli is coming closer, the movie is making its way to the headlines in some or the other way. Recently the stars of the film made their way to headline as they had to work on their speaking skills. Though Ishaan and Ananya are Mumbai kids they had to sharpen their lingo for their respective characters in the movie. The actors had to deliver their lines in Bambaiyya twang as required by their characters. In the movie, while Ishaan is playing the role of a taxi driver, Ananya is playing a girl on the run. Both of them are hailing from Mumbai.

The actors worked really hard to get familiar with the Bambaiyya twang. Talking about the pair’s training, the director, Maqbool said how he made sure that they talked in Bambaiyya Hindi lingo only. From the day the actors were signed on till the last day of filming, Maqbool made sure they included Bambaiyya words while they talk. Words like idharich, bole toh, lafda, lukha and bawaal. These are spoken only in certain areas of Mumbai.

Maqbool also mentioned that Ananya’s character Pooja from an area in south Mumbai, where they speak ‘Khada Boli’ accented Hindi in a slightly rough tone. Maqbool mentioned how the actors and the crew would improvise on the sets. He also added that Ananya is unbelievably fast learner.

While talking about the whole experience Ananya said that she couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Maqbool. She also mentioned how he came up with the best one-liners and had absolute faith in her. Ishaan also spoke about his experience and called Maqbool the ‘tapori dictionary’. He said “Maq is a master of the quintessential Bambaiyya gab. He was our tapori dictionary on the sets and we had a blast improvising on this film.”

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 21 Sep 2020

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