A Jabra fan of Shah Rukh Khan distracts other fans outside Mannat pretending to be the SRK himself

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Published by Jayanti Poddar on 02 Nov 2021

Thousands of Shah Rukh Khan admirers gathered outside his residence today to see the superstar on his birthday. One of them, an over-excited fan tried to draw attention to himself by having his own SRK moment.

According to reports, a fan pretended to be SRK to divert the crowd gathered outside Mannat. He drove past the road, waving to everyone from his car’s sunroof as if he were SRK himself. Half of his face was hidden under the mask. Well, the attention he got was fleeting, he made sure he got his own SRK moment by doing the trademark wave.

Take a look at the picture-

image credits: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

For those who are unaware, Bollywood’s superstar has had a difficult month, as his son Aryan Khan was released just five days before King Khan’s birthday. For Shah Rukh Khan and his family, this is a double celebration. Apart from SRK’s birthday, his son Aryan, who has been in jail for 22 days, has returned home. They’re all said to be at their Alibaug farmhouse right now.

Earlier, police claimed to have received a message from SRK’s manager, Pooja Dadlani, notifying them that the actor, his son, and his family are currently at his Alibaug farmhouse. This news comes just a day after some reports claimed that after Aryan’s release from prison, King Khan intends to spend time at his Alibaug mansion.

This follows Aryan Khan’s bail conditions, which stipulate that he cannot leave the country without Special Court permission and that they must relinquish their passports promptly. All of the petitioners were also instructed to cooperate with the investigation whenever the NCB authorities requested it, and they were not allowed to postpone the trial under any circumstances.

Well, apart from all this, we hereby wish the King of Bollywood, A very happy birthday!

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