Jacqueline Fernandez on her struggle with food habits during her younger days; ‘I used to punish myself for eating during my 20s’

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Published by Simnan on 16 Mar 2022

In a recent video, Jacqueline Fernandez confessed to Shilpa Shetty that she did not know how to deal with the pressure of being at an international platform during her pageant days.

Jacqueline Fernandez has revealed her skirmishes with food habits during her younger days. Conversing with Shilpa Shetty on her new show, Jacqueline opened up that she used to punish herself for eating when she was in her 20s. Shilpa and Jacqueline were chatting on the first episode of Shape of You.

When Shilpa Shetty inquired if Jacqueline changes her food habits when under stress, she expressed that in her 20s she did go through quite a lot of eating issues. A lot. It happened because of her pageant days, she did not realise then but to be appearing on an international platform at the age of 19 (had its own pressures). That is when the pressure really got to her, she did not know how to handle it. Food became the enemy. That then continued in her 20s and continued (when she became an actor) being in front of the camera.

She further added As she would worry about how she was going to look in front of the camera. It was like she would punish herself for eating. But, she was blessed that she was able to overcome it. Slowly, it took time. There would be times when she would be going for months and would be okay and then something would happen, and she would go back into the habit. She was quite horrible actually, but it was definitely something that made her stronger and much more aware of food.

Jacqueline also said that an actor once confided her, “Be like Shilpa Shetty” when she was too fussy with her food on sets of a film. When Jacqueline said she’d let go of her hair which by the way she loves a lot if a role expects her to grow bald, Shilpa told her, “You have suddenly become a saint! A pole dancing saint, with a halo around your head.” Shilpa also suggested as if holding a pole while dancing as both the actors laughed.

Jacqueline is nowadays gearing up for the release of her new film, Bachchhan Paandey which also stars Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi and Pankaj Tripathi. Apart from this, Ram Setu and Cirkus lined up.

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