Janhvi Kapoor’s Pilates partner shares a throwback video as she misses their Monday mornings

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The lockdown definitely affected our lives a lot. From theatres, cafe to gyms and spas, many businesses had to shut down for a while, a few are still closed. This majorly affected the fitness freaks who couldn’t go to their gyms anymore. One such fitness freak we know is Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor.

The actress maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle and is also conscious of her fitness. And from time to time we see her sharing videos featuring her work out in it. Before the lockdown was imposed the actress was seen visiting her gym in the early hours to do Pilates and work out. Since the gyms are closed now, owing it to the lockdown, looks like fitness expert Namrata Purohit is missing the Monday morning Pilates session with Janhvi.

It was on October 12, 2020 when the fitness expert Namrata Purohit took to her Instagram handle and shared a motivating video. It was a throwback video from before the lockdown featuring her workout partner Janhvi Kapoor in it. The video has Janhvi performing Pilates with Namrata Purohit at the gym. Both the girls look inspiring as they do the rigorous workout routine.

With the throwback video, Namrata also shared a caption explaining what her Monday morning looked like before the country was hit by lockdown. She wrote “What a normal Monday morning looked like! @janhvikapoor #MajorMissing #PilatesGirls.” As she called herself and Janhvi Pilates girls she mentioned how she misses their Monday morning workout sessions.

Meanwhile this is not the first time that Purohit shared the video with Kapoor. In fact before this, she shared the same video, when they worked out before the lockdown and motivated all her followers. The Pilates girls definitely inspired a lot of people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also Namrata Purohit has been seen working out with many other Bollywood celebrities.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 13 Oct 2020

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