Jennifer Winget is back on social media after a month-long gap, writes about the importance of digital detox

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Due to the outbreak, the government had announced a lockdown from March and because of that, the entertainment industry also came to a standstill. Many celebrities shared a lot of pictures of their lockdown lifestyle while many others invested their time in doing something new and productive.

Beyhadh 2 star Jennifer Winget is an avid social media user and she also keeps posting a lot of pictures on her handles. But, from the past month, she had been on a digital break. Yes, she had logged out from all her social media accounts last month. Now she has made her comeback just a couple of hours back. Jennifer shared her ‘come back selfie’ and she is looking beautiful. Check out her latest post below:

While writing about the importance of digital detox, she wrote— ‘coming up for air on popular demand. Not MIA but RIA (Resting In Action)…and lots of it.’ Well, we can relate to Jennifer’s social media break. Sometimes we get indulged into digital things so much that we tend to forget our normal life, isn’t it?

Recently, she talked about the sudden end of her popular show Beyhadh 2, and said this show was very close to her heart and the show still has a huge fan base. I am sure something better will come out of this, there will be better days for us, said Jennifer.

Published by Ishan Soni on 04 Jul 2020

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