John Abraham Gives a Clarification over Not Sharing Personal Life on Social Media

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 01 Jun 2019

John Abraham is one of the most popular actors in the Bollywood film industry. He has made headlines recently for giving some clarification about the way he remains away from interacting with his fans through social media. He is not a man who follows the routine culture of maintaining social media accounts.

In some situations, this actor gets into hibernation mode. He finally revealed that he doesn’t like sharing his personal life details on different social media platforms like Instagram. During an interview, John said, ‘I’m disastrous at posting my personal life on the internet. I don’t say things just to make a statement or news or in a bid to kick start a new fad in the industry. Also, I don’t feel the pressure of making a statement online. I’m okay doing nothing on social media.’

He revealed that his favorite hobby is reading books. Speaking about the same, John said, ‘My primary focus is acting. I aim to do more good and credible work. I need to keep improving every day, learn something and make myself better. I don’t see how social media could contribute to my internal growth and to my acting. Of course, it helps to connect with people but I like to stay connected with my people offline.’

This actor even spoke about the adverse impact that social media shows on the public. He said, ‘There is more negativity than positivity and goodness on the internet and social media. Though celebrities are the center of attention on the internet and have a huge fan following, if you read the comments about yourself for half an hour, you would probably fall sick and feel anxious or depressed. You might even start self-doubting yourself and compare with others.’

John also smacked the Bollywood celebs who often give away their updates on social media instead of working on their own stuff. He said, ‘It’s very easy for me to stand bare-bodied on social media and keep shooting. I can do 40 different types of exercises and update on social media.’ Speaking about the professional front, John was previously seen in the film Romeo Akhbar Walter [RAW].

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