John Abraham Takes A Jibe At Highest Paid Actors Who Entertain Viewers With Their Nonsensical Movies

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Published by Isha Kataria on 07 Jan 2019

John Abraham has always impressed everyone with his acting skills. He became a producer, back in 2012 with Vicky Donor. Since last few years, the actor has been a bit choosy about his films.

In a recent interview, John expressed about how social media has taken over our lives in reality and why actors are so obsessed with being on the top of the list. Speaking on to this he said, “As an actor, you here to show your craft. How much money do you want to mint.. Why is it important to be on a lost of the higher earners. What about the audience you are robbing with crap you put out. I have always worked hard for credibility, I get that, I move on quietly. I wish we had more actors cut out from the same fabric.”

John made a big statement and it seems that his words are straightly directed towards the celebs who enters. The list of highest-paid actors list. In 2018, the list was topped by Salman Khan for the third time in a row. This year Salman Khan had only one release, Race 3 which didn’t work out at the box office but still more than 100 crores.

He also said about trolling is usually fone to celebrities who are mostly asking for it. He quoted, “There is but aren’t celebrities also asking for it, wearing funny clothes outside airports and doing funny things. You can only be laughed at if you decide to be a clown in the circus. It’s your choice. I’m not an actor who dances at shows or weddings for money. I find it demeaning. I’m not saying that I’m right, but I wouldn’t do it, ever.”

The actor has strongly shown that she is really very sad about the way social media has taken over our lives so badly that we have forgotten the real world.

“I will be one of the first few to get off it. I come from a marketing background but if a brand manager tells me that he looks at the number of likes and views on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to decide whether to take an actor on board, then he is not doing his job right. Today we have social media stars who have not done anything credible, the virtual world has become the real world and vice versa. It’s crazy”, said John.

He further said, “There are a lot of good people there too and I appreciate their presence. But at the same time, it’s also responsible for polarising the world. There are so much hate and negativity there that it’s toxic. Read the comments for two hours and if you don’t feel sick, I’ll change my name.”

John Abraham is one of those actors who is not very much active on his social media accounts. He only enters the platform when he has a film release. He said that the biggest lesson in his life is, “To keep working, to do more film. The idea is not to take yourself too seriously but to simply enjoy the process.”

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