The Jonas Brothers have special songs for their Ladies in the upcoming album.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 27 Apr 2019
It would be an understatement that the Jonas Family is the family goals out there, they are the perfect example of love and compassion and everything. After the epic reunion of their band ‘The Jonas Brothers’ that fans have been keeping an eye on every little detail about the band. And why not? They have been waiting for this for ages. The family has been going strong since the day it started and now it has two new members in it. Not just one power couple but two power couple in one family. There is the newlyweds Nick and Priyanka and engaged Joe and Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

The Jonas Brothers will be releasing their first comeback album on June 7, 2019, which will be called ‘Happiness Begins.’ In an interview with Billboard, the brothers revealed an interesting and really lovely detail about the songs the album will feature. The member Joe Jonas has written a “love letter” in a song to fiancée Sophie called ‘Hesitate’ On the other hand, Nick Jonas will be dedicating a song to Priyanka which is titled as ‘I Believe.’ The lyrics of the songs go as, “People saying that we move too fast. But I been waiting for a reason, ain’t no turning back.”

The Jonas Brothers also made a statement that Priyanka and Sophie both love pop music and they have assisted in helping them out with the tunes of the songs. The J Sisters, which also includes Kevin Jonas’s wife Danielle Jonas (They all together are known as the ‘The J Sisters) all starred alongside their respective husbands in the amazing and superhit track, Sucker.
Earlier, when Nick was talking Entertainment Tonight, he got asked about how married life is coming out for him and he said, “Married life is amazing. Having your teammate, your person on your side through everything is just incredible. I highly suggest it, basically, I think marriage is great and if you find the right person it’s even more amazing,” Nick blushes while saying that. He really is happy and so are we for all of Jonas’s!

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