Juhi Parmar deletes posts saying ‘I’ve made mistakes’ about using songs with explicit lyrics

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Published by Swathy S on 30 Jun 2021

Television actress Juhi Parmar shared a post on admitting that she have made mistakes in the past about the time she has ‘unconsciously’ used songs with explicit lyrics to follow up with the trends. Juhi shared the note on her Instagram handle saying that she has deleted such earlier posts and has spoke about responsible parenting.

The actress expressed that she realized it only after her friend Aashka Goradia pointed out the lyrics and she understood that ‘now each and every song needed to be checked’.

Her Instagram post read, “A lot of you decided to join the bandwagon of responsible parenting with me, a lot of you deleted your reels, a lot who were going to make something on the song decided not to. And I want to, first of all, THANK all of you for believing in something I genuinely did”.

“And like I mentioned, I’m human too and I’ve made similar mistakes. But its only when my friend Aashu (Aashka Goradia) pointed out the lyrics did I realise that now each and every song needed to be checked. But there are songs I have used without realizing their lyrics. And as I deleted those I want to say that they were mistakes made unconsciously and I truly am someone who believes in owning up to one’s mistake rather than just being someone who preaches. I’m as human as you are but I know my radar is up and I check every song before I use it, I urge you to do the same!”, she added.

Juhi Parmar captioned the post as “#ResponsibleParenting #LearnAndGrow For those of you who may not have seen the language and lyrics I am speaking about which have led to this post and my #ResponsibleParenting posts, please check link in bio. The other reels I’m deleting are up on my stories so you know that we are all in this together!”.

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