Juhi Parmar states that she is ‘here to live’ and thankful for a second life.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 30 Mar 2019

Holi has been a really fun experience for all the celebrities out there. All of them enjoyed a lot except one. Apparently, for the actress Juhi Parmar this year’s Holi wasn’t great at all. On March 21 she was celebrating Holi at her best friend Aashka Goradia’s house and then something very strange happened. Suddenly the actress got very sick and started throwing up all over. She got so sick that she threw up even through her nose. She was rushed to the hospital and she admitted that at that moment she thought she wouldn’t be able to make and asked Aashka Goradia to take care of her daughter after her. But magically she is alright now and she revealed the whole situation on Instagram.

She wrote, “Dear Life, I Am Here To Live!!!!”

Before all this, the actress also posted her pictures and video playing and enjoying holi and she seemed really happy. Here is the happy picture of the actress and she wrote with it, “Our country is defined as the land of colors and Holi defines our culture the most….the colors, the quality time with family, the fun, banter, songs, etc….I love it all! ”

The actress is now doing good. She is healthy and she is happy now. Juhi became the part of every household since her debut Kumkum-Ek pyaara sa bandhan in 2002. She was a huge name back then in the middle of housewives. She is an amazing actress and a single mother. She has gone through a really rough time in her personal life. She got a divorce from her marriage of 8 years which is really sad. But even all of this she always manages to keep her spirit filled with positivity and happiness. Juhi Parmar was last seen in Tantra, in which she played the role of a mother of a teenage daughter. We hope to see her soon on television and we hope she never goes through something this serious again in her life.

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