Kajol gets candid about the bond she shares with her mom Tanuja

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Published by Shifa Naz on 12 Oct 2018

Kajol has returned to Bollywood after three years with Pradeep Sarkar’s Helicopter Eela. If in 2015 film she romanced Shah Rukh Khan, in her upcoming film, she plays the role of a single mother and an aspiring singer.
Recently for her new movie, she was asked about several queries and look how she replied to all those questions.

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One of the questions was about her character of Eela from her movie, that how much is she similar with the role of a character in real life and she stated, “I’m definitely not like Eela. She is nuts and funny but you can’t behave like this. She is a little over the top because of what she’s been through. So you understand where she is coming from and forgive her for it too.”

She was asked about her bond with mother Tanuja while growing up as a child and she responded to this question in a very different way, “I was scared of her. I wouldn’t put one toe out of line if I knew she didn’t approve of it. My mother was one of the most forward-thinking people. I had the most amazing upbringing because of it. Topics like compassion, anger, forgiveness were discussed. Most things were not hidden. We were always told to take the most tolerant route and that revenge doesn’t get you anything.”

Till she had us she was well known for her creatively fabulous bad saying. So when she told us that speaking bad words we would say ‘But mom you do it’. And then she stopped. Till today I remember one of the things she said: ‘You know why they use bad words because they don’t have a better vocabulary. If you want to insult somebody, insult them better.”

She also answered to one of the questions which were related to her daughter stating the question as ‘Your daughter has inherited your snark as evident by the comments she leaves on your Instagram post’ and replied, “I am in full Hitler mode when I am trying to wake her up in the morning. We tend to find a lot of things irreverent. That bonds us together a lot than anything else.”

She also spoke about working in web series and said, “Definitely, No two thoughts about it. What kind of quality I was putting out is what mattered to me. It’s never been about where it will be shown.”

Stay tuned for more such scoops!

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