Kajol’s cake cutting video on social media with a fan makes the netizens angry, calls her ‘rude’

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Published by Swathy S on 06 Aug 2021

Birthdays of  celebrities are usually special for them because of their fans. But actress Kajol has received wrath from the netizens when a video of her birthday celebration with the fans went viral on social media. On Thursday, a video of Kajol cutting the cake with fans stationed outside her house was posted by a popular paparazzi on his Instagram handle. The netizens reacted to the video calling the actress as ‘rude’ and being ‘arrogant’.

In the video, Kajol can be seen all masked up amid the on-going pandemic as she walked out to cut the birthday cake with her fans who were stationed outside her house. She posed for the pictures by maintaining a distance from everyone and kept her mask up. The actress then cut the cake but refused to have a bite of the cake brought by her fans. The netizens got angry at the actress after watching the video and many of them took to the comment section of the post.

One of them reacted as “She was so rude  not good because of these fans she is at this stage” while another commented “She does not look happy at all… poor people wasting their time..”.

Some of the reactions from the comment section of the post includes “Ghamandi aurat… yea log layek hi nhi yeasab ka…. is se achha koi garib, anat bacho ka birthday manai..”, “Seriously atleast she could feed a piece of cake with her hands to those kids who are waiting for her outside…. These celeb dosnt care about their fans at all”.




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