Kangana Buys Anupam’s Book, Veteran Star Gets Impressed & Says ‘Ur Uniqueness Is Infectious’

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 18 Mar 2021

Recently, ace Bollywood star Anupam Kher has rolled out his book ‘Your Best Day Is Today.’ Starlet Kangana Ranaut, who recently completed the filming of her forthcoming movie ‘Tejas’ in the national capital, purchased Anupam Kher’s written book and tweeted about the same on her personal Twitter handle.

After purchasing the copy, Kangana had tweeted, “Dear @AnupamPKher ji i promised you will buy a copy of ‘Your Best Day Is Today’ soon and for a rajput pran jaye par vachan na jaye, here’s my copy, the bundle of joy and positivity that you are want to know your secret can’t wait to read, will give my feedback soon. All the best.”

Kangana’s humbleness impressed Anupam and he was really overwhelmed by the actress’s kind gesture and on Wednesday, the ‘Karma’ star wrote a genuine note for the curled beauty.

On his Twitter handle, Anupam wrote, “My dearest @KanganaTeam!! Your uniqueness is infectious! You actually going to a book shop and buying my book #YourBestDayIsToday sets you apart from the rest of the world! For you “जिनमें अकेले चलने के हौसले होते हैं, उनके पीछे ही काफिले होते हैं!!” जीती रहो! और ख़ुश रहो।”

Previously, she had congratulated Anupam and expressed her wish to read the book ‘Your Best Day Is Today’ someday.

Veteran Bollywood star and moviemaker Satish Kaushik has tested positive for the pandemic. On Wednesday, he made a tweet to share the news with his fans and followers. He too urged people who came in contact with him to get themselves tested.

The actor tweeted, “Attention please!! I have been tested pandemic positive. I would request everyone to get tested, who came in contact with me in the last few days. I am home quarantined. Your love, best wishes & blessings will help. Thanks.?”

While sharing his reaction to the tweet, Kaushik’s bestie and actor Anupam Kher forwarded good wishes, love and duas. He also kidded that Kaushik will come up with a new screenplay during his quarantine days.

Kher tweeted, “Dearest @satishkaushik2 !! Please take care. I am sure in this quarantine period a great script will emerge. This pause in your hectic life as an actor/producer/director will rejuvenate you. Love and prayers always.”

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