Kangana Ranaut comments on Vir Das’s controversial monolgue called ‘Two Indias’; Comedian termed as ‘criminal’

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 17 Nov 2021

Vir Das, a popular comedian and actor, on Monday, posted his video which was filmed at Washington Kennedy Centre during his show. He titled his video as “Two Indias.”

In a six-minute monologue, he described two contrasting faces of the country  by juxtaposing reality and dark reality and referred to many recent controversial topics in broad strokes.

As the video racked up, various short clips were posted on Twitter and generated much fire: “I come from an India where we worship women during the day and gang-rape them during the night.”

His monologue was furiously discussed all over social media and called for a legal action by a BJP leader, Aditya Jha. Aditya Jha , spokesperson to BJP, filed  a police complaint with Delhi police accusing Vir Das for defaming and betraying the country in another kingdom.

Kangana Ranaut also joined in the exclusive controversy. She, adding to the statement claimed Vir as a “criminal” for his dialogues delivered on the soil of a foreign land.

The actress shared an Instagram Story on Wednesday that read, “certain statements made by Das in the video were generalisations” and compared them to controversial comments made by Winston Churchill about the Bengal famine of 1943. 

However the actress forgot her earlier  statement which goes like, “India got it freedom as ‘alms’ and  we got real independence in 2014 when Modi Government came to power”. She doubled down on her rousing statements in subsequent social media posts, citing sources to back up her claims, and also targeted Mahatma Gandhiji’s mantra of non-violence. 

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