Kangana Ranaut comments on Katrina Kaif for marrying Vicky Kaushal who is younger than her

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 08 Dec 2021

The controversial Queen, Kangana Ranaut is the most straightforward person in the whole industry. Without being any diplomatic, she dauntingly says what her free-spirit wants to say. This is the reason she is always trapped between controversies inside and outside Bollywood.

While everyone is having their eyes rolling on VicKat’s luxurious wedding, the Thalaivii girl took perceived their marriage in a contrasting manner. Kangana recently took to her social media account and shared her ‘out of the box’ views on Vicky and Katrina’s marriage.

In the Instagram story posted, Kangana lauded Katrina and Vicky for their marriage and wrote, “Growing up, we heard many stories of successful rich men marrying much younger women… For women to be more successful than their husband was seen as a major crisis, forget marrying a younger man after a certain age, marriage was impossible for women …. “.

She further added appreciating Katrina by penning down a note which read, “Nice to see rich and successful women, leading ladies of Indian film industry breaking the sexist norms…. Kudos to men and women both for redefining gender stereotype.”

In the last sentence she also praised Vicky for the same.

This is how, Queen Kangana rules everyone’s hearts . She criticizes people but also appreciates them when the time comes.  She appreciated the lovely private couple when no one noticed their efforts and contribution i making the country a better place.

Earlier,  Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai also married with the men younger to them.

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