Kangana Ranaut counter-attacks a tweet on her feed, says “ignorance is bliss”

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 27 Apr 2021

Kangana Ranaut strikes back at a tweet that makes fun of one of her tweets telling ways of increasing reduced oxygen levels, she tweeted on 21 April 2021 “Anybody who is feeling low levels of oxygen does try this, please. Planting trees is the permanent solution, if you can’t then don’t cut them either, recycle your clothes, eat a Vedic diet, live an organic life, this is a temporary solution, for now, this should help, Jai Shri Ram.” To which one of the Twitter users replied as “Such a waste of oxygen!”

Kangana Strikes back with a tweet saying “People like you think milk comes from packets haha what a dimwit, oxygen cylinder’s oxygen also derived from trees also if you have less pollution in the air your likely to have healthier lungs to absorb a good percentage of that oxygen, anyway ignorance is bliss, live in bliss.”

She also attached an image with a tweet explaining how medical oxygen is extracted from the air which also includes nitrogen, nitrogen is harmful to health.

Kangana calls Tapsee Pannu as ‘She-man’ in her tweet to which she faced hate comments. Urban dictionary has defined Tapsee as  “Taapsee Pannu is Bollywood actress known for her befitting replies. She’s also called the “Sasti Copy” of Indian superstar and Padma Shri recipient – Kangana Ranaut. She is also a member of the Pappu Gang. Taapsee Pannu is a Walmart version of Kangana Ranaut. To this Kangana Ranaut tweeted  “Ha ha ha She-man will be very happy today.”

Kangana has also asked Sonu Sood to appreciate Indian made vaccines “Sonu Ji you had the first shot of the vaccine and I see because of that you recovered very fast, maybe you want to appreciate India made the vaccine and its effects, also encourage people to take the vaccine so that tons of it doesn’t get expired post 1st May like before.” she tweeted.


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