Kangana Ranaut invites her ‘anti national librus’ on Koo, she misses ‘to see deeper’

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Published by Nibedita Goswami on 19 Jun 2021

Actor Kangana Ranaut, is on a ban from Twitter for a long day since May. After her continuous vexatious criticism of politics after the West Bengal Election. Ever since then, Kangana missing the vibe of the Twitter battle.

Taking her Instagram stories, Kangana speaks her thoughts, “This place has no scope for any conversations and exchange of ideas, I am not interested in your clothes and skin I want to see deeper I want to see your mind and intellect, yes it is useful for influencers and home grown businesses and I am happy for them but anti national librus are my jam…. I am born to demolish them I miss them here I am sure they are also missing me because they love bdsm secretly they had started to love all the whipping and sweet torture I gave them …. Come to Koo my loves I miss you all.”

Right after she was banned from Twitter, she joined Koo and alarmed her presence with a post, “Hello everyone …. working nights this is lunch break for #Dhaakad crew. why not Koo now. This is a new place will take time to get fimiliar magar bhade ka ghar bhade ka hota hai, apna ghar kaisa bhi ho apna hota hai (a place taken on rent is never one’s own, your own place is always yours).”

The Koo co-founder Aprameya Radhakrishna, made the welcome post sharing Kangana’s post and writs, “This was @kanganarofficial’s first Koo. She‘s right in saying Koo is like her home while everything else is rented.”

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