Kangana Ranaut joins online debate regarding Alia Bhatt’s ad; ‘Stop manipulating naive consumers’

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Published by Nitisha Das on 21 Sep 2021

Kangana Ranaut has joined in on the online debate created by Alia Bhatt’s latest bridal campaign. She took to Instagram to encourage firms not to use religion in their advertising in order to deceive “naive consumers.”

Alia’s bridal ad questioned the kanyadaan tradition, wherein the bride’s parents essentially “gift” her to the groom. Kangana wrote a lengthy post in which she stated that women are revered in the scriptures and that recognising them as a “wonderful source of existence” is not harmful.

In her post, she made a “Humble request” to the brands to not use any religion to sell things. Or any minority, majority, or politics for that matter. She further asked them to stop manipulating the naive consumers.


She also wrote on the Instagram about the tradition of kanyadaan, and the concept of renunciation. She also urged the people to stop ‘mocking’ Hindu rituals.

In the advertisement while seated at the mandap with her soon-to-be husband . Alia mentions each member of her family, including her grandmother, father, and mother. She, on the other hand, opposes the practise of kanyadaan at weddings. Despite their love for her, she wonders why she was always viewed as the “other” and a temporary member of their family.

Some of the netizens also liked the ad as they believed that there was nothing wrong in it and they opposed Kangana’s comments for the same.

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