Kangana Ranaut responds to a twitter user asking about her help amid the crisis in India like Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt

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Published by Ruchika Gaurav on 01 May 2021

As the second wave has tarnished India and the health infrastructure has failed miserably. Today (Saturday) India witnessed the highest spike in the last 24 hours by reporting 4.01 lakh cases of COVID-19. In such a sensitive situation many celebs are jumping off on the ground to supply resources to needy people. Amid this, a Twitter user asked Thalaivi Kangana about her help amid the crisis in India. The user suggested that actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt were amplifying resources using their social media handles and said that they were looking for a tweet like that from Kangana. The queen of Bollywood went ahead and responded in her own way. 

Kangana explained that Twitter isn’t the only way to help others, she is helping the needy ones but in her own way. Further, she said that she is not doing it for the gallery and she is contributing her bit. Miss Ranaut writes, “Twitter is not the only way to help people, I am helping people with beds, medicines, vaccines, oxygen… I have too many in my own professional and personal circle who are calling me and asking for help, I am not doing it for the gallery…understood dummy?” 

Take a look at her tweet: 

photo credit-Pinkvilla


However, Kangana also said that whatever calls for help she getting, she is passing it off to her brother Akshit to know whether they are fraud or ‘needy’. 

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