Kangana Ranaut talks about the success of South films across India

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Published by Aman Shukla on 30 Apr 2022

At the Dhaakad trailer launch, Kangana Ranaut shared her thoughts on the debate of South films vs Bollywood, which has been raging like wildfire of late. Many believe that the former has been taking a significant chunk of business from Bollywood in the North, Western, Central, and Eastern markets under the pan-India tag, and many also wondering why Bollywood hasn’t been able to emulate the same success down South under same label of pan-India movies. Truth be told, there are those who are also curious as to why Bollywood isn’t jumping on the bandwagon of pan-India films like the South is.

To draw more perspective with regards to this issue, BollywoodLife asked Kangana Ranaut what she believes about said debate and why isn’t Dhaakad being peddled as a pan-India movie since it has just the right scale and larger-than-life appeal that’s aiding South movies in cracking the ‘pan India’ code. Shockingly, the star called Dhaakad a pan-India movie and said, “This is that pan-India film as it’ll also be released in Tamil, Telugu and other languages. We’ll be taking it to all markets all over India and see that it gets a wide release everywhere.”

Expressing her complete solidarity with how South movies have been dominating the traditional Bollywood market of late,  Kangana added, “I don’t know why this is a debate in the first place or why these points are being raised. This is as much their market (the South’s) as it belongs to Bollywood. This is the entire Indian film industry’s market and everyone should thrive and prosper everywhere. The problem is that there are people in Bollywood who’ve treated it as their personal property and have never let outsiders in and they’ve tried doing the same thing with actors from the South. It’s sad that nobody from the South hasn’t been able to break the market here because people in Bollywood didn’t allow it, but I’m so happy it’s finally happened. It’s a big and much-needed slap to all those in Bollywood who thought the territory belonged to them.”


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