Kangana Ranaut: ‘I first packed my bags and wanted to run away at the age of eight’

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Published by Aman Shukla on 02 May 2022

On Sunday’s episode of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp, Kangana Ranaut spoke about her childhood experiences in her hometown in Himachal Pradesh when she was a kid and her cousins used to complain about how she dressed and who she met. Kangana was reminded of the experience after Anjali Arora uncovered her secret and said that she attempted suicide when she was in Class XI.

Anjali said, “I studied with my brother who was very protective and would make sure I do not talk to boys etc. So, I once bunked tuitions when I was in Class XI, and went to a nearby cafe with my batchmates. One of the friends of my brother saw me and told him that I was there. My brother walked up to me and slapped right there, in front of everyone.”

“I started crying and urged him to not tell my papa. But he told him, and they scolded me a lot. Papa also slapped me and locked me inside a room, declaring that I must not step out of the house. I then drank phenyl and closed the door. My brother had to break it open,” Anjali added.

Kangana intruded on her to say, “You may have had a different experience. But the way you talk about it, it is sending a wrong message. I understand the experience you are talking about. In north India, there is this culture. I grew up there and I know about it. I had had so many fights with my cousins because they would come and report at my house about where I went and how I behaved, even though he had nothing to do with our family.”

She added, “My cousins would stand near other colleges to stare at and stalk girls but we would be thrashed if boys from their college came near our college. But to think that your father, brother and mom corrected their ways because of what you did, is wrong. What you did was wrong. This is passive domination. You are lucky you are alive.”

Kangana also said that she comprehended the feeling of wanting to get away from the immediate environment and added, “I first packed my bags and wanted to run away from my home at the age of eight. Everyone has such thoughts but only weak and coward people act upon them.”

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