Kangana Ranaut’s horse riding video reminds netizens of Majnu Bhai’s painting from Welcome

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Published by b0lyw0Od on 15 Jun 2021

The latest horse-riding video of Kangana Ranaut causes Internet users to think of Majnu Bhai’s painting from Welcome again.

People were awestruck by Kangana Ranaut as she posted a video of her riding a horse. After she finished, netizens went on to post statements like “This video reminded me of Majnu bhai’s painting, Welcome, which left everyone in splits.”


{Click to watch the reel.}

After Kangana Ranaut was spotted riding a mechanical horse on the set of Manikarnika, she was targeted by internet trolls. After she posted a new video of her while riding a horse.


While circling the track on a horse, Kangana wore an orange T-shirt and black pants in the video. She was praised for her show-stopping equestrian skills and was showered with affection. On the other hand, however, some sections of the online users could not control their reactions, as they thought of Kangana Ranaut’s horse riding video reminding them of the painting Majnu Bhai did for Welcome.

Anil Kapoor played the character of Majnu Bhai, a gangster who believes he has impeccable painting skills and paints whatever he wants. When he ends up drawing something completely unexpected, his lack of artistic skill is revealed. Thanks to his Welcome painting, everyone had become a fan of his. Majnu Bhai claims that in the film the sign of great love features a donkey riding a horse.

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