Karan Johar Thought of Adding a Baritone, After People Said He Sounded Like a Girl

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Published by Isha Kataria on 27 Nov 2018

Karan Johar, the famous filmmaker discloses that he was often called as a man who behaves in a way that is considered to be more typical of a woman. It resulted in such a mental suffering that he thought of adding a baritone to his voice because people said he sounded like a girl. Recently, Karan attended We The Women event on Sunday where he was in a conversation with journalist Barkha Dutt and discussed the various aspects about his life.

Karan said that he was 15-year-old when he went to the speech therapist as he was in that awkward age where his voice was high pitched which sounded weird. He said, “Everybody would say, ‘You sound like a girl.’ I heard a million times and I told the therapist,’Can you make me sound like a boy.’ It was not fun. I did it for three years. This gentleman gave me voice exercises. It was embarrassing and torturous.

Further, he added, “I used to tell my father that I was going to a tuition class because I did not want to say I was going to become a man, I should not have been put through that. If I was sounding a certain way, it should have been okay.”

While recalling his school days he said that things went to such an extent that he stopped taking part in sports as every time he ran or even walked, kids used to tease and laugh at him. Every time when he spoke, people laughed as he had a squeaky voice. He also told that his parents never thought that he was doing anything wrong when he used to copy the dance steps of female actors while dancing. But except his parents, everybody laughed at him.

He quoted, “I went and saw Sargam as an 8-year-old and became obsessed with the song Dafli Waale. I would play the song at home and do Jaya Pradha’s steps and not Rishi Kapoor’s. My father used to ask me to perform and I used to dance like Jaya Pradha was dancing and he somehow never found it strange.”

“No one said I was doing something wrong. But when I went down to the compound of my building or met seniors at the school, all kids who were not from your domain would make fun of you. That’s when I started developing a dislike towards it… It scared me,” he added.

He thought that his parents were cool with him. His father never thought that he was doing something unusual or different but it did make a deep impact on him as he thought that he was different and told he was different by the people around him.

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