Kareena and Saif React to Paparazzi and their Following for Son Taimur

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 30 Oct 2018

Taimur will turn 2 years old on December 20th and here is what we have for you, this cute boy’s parents Sail Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have asked the media paparazzi to stop clicking him. Initially, Taimur enjoyed the attention but now he has been responding to the ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ too. Don’t be very disheartened anyway, when Saif was asked about the same he replied, “Who are we to decide? Who will listen anyway? Of course, it’s not true”.


“Saif Ali Khan has requested the paps to not photograph baby Taimur anymore since at this age he has begun to register things in his mind more consciously. As parents, Saif and Kareena don’t wish that Taimur to start understanding the paparazzi culture and already get affected by it. Until now as a kid, he was just enjoying the flashes and attention as fun since that looked unique to him but since he’s growing up now, they don’t want him to register the pattern and start getting used to it” says reports.


Speaking of Taimur’s popularity Saif said, “Every producer I am working with is half-jokingly say, “Haha can we put him (for promotions)”. With white in his hair (referring to his look from Baazaar). With Kaalakaandi, they wanted to put rubber bands. In Hunter, they want to put that Naga Sadhu wig on this poor guy”.


He further added, “My wife (Kareena Kapoor Khan) says, “Don’t be so cheap. You can’t sell your son (Taimur). I am like, “Why not? Let’s sell him.” Seriously yaar, he is any way there on the internet. I am just using this platform to say if anybody has any good nappy ads or anything… at a very reasonable price…it’s not reasonable, it’s quite expensive actually. And, I won’t give him the money also. I’ll give him some cash for his education, I am already giving it to him. And I’ll spend the rest!”


Saif also said, “Taimur should be freely able to take his evening outing in the park. It becomes difficult in certain situations, but the photographers are really friendly. They are just doing their jobs and they don’t push him or his nanny, which is really kind. They aren’t aggressive so I’m happy”.


Taimur’s nanaji Randhir Kapoor said, “Every day I get up in the morning, and I see a picture of my grandson in the newspaper. The paparazzi are permanently stationed below the house. Now, everyone recognises his maid also! That’s because of the paparazzi”.

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