Kareena Kapoor Khan gets two new tattoos; or are they her son Taimur Ali’s doodles, details inside

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 23 May 2019

Just months after getting into a relationship with Kareena Kapoor Khan,  Saif Ali Khan went all out and decided to get the name of her girlfriend inked on his forearm. For Saif, this was a way of showing the world that he had found ‘the one’. Whenever the media questioned Kareena whether she would ever be able to do the same for him, she always maintained that she’s not a ‘tattoo chic.”

Earlier in an interview with Times of India, Kareena had said, “I’m not keen on tattoos. I don’t want to ruin my body with them.” Kareena admitted that she does stop to admire tattoos on her friends and colleagues but reasserted that she is not in favor of getting one for herself.

However, recently Kareena was spotted in Mumbai with not one but two tattoos – one on her right arm and second on the bicep of her left hand.


Now, we are not sure whether it’s a part of her new look for some film or whether Kareena has actually got inked. It could also most possibly be her naughty son Taimur Ali Khan’s doing. In fact, Kareena had once revealed how obsessed Taimur is with his father Saif’s tattoo.

Last year in an interview to Brides Today, when asked what’s the most romantic thing Saif has ever done for her, Kareena had said, “I think the most romantic thing is when my son points at it (the tattoo) now and asks. Like, he is all the time looking at that tattoo. And Saif is like, ‘This is your amma’s name’. And he (Taimur) keeps wondering like, ‘What is he saying?’ I think that’s a special moment for me.”


At an event, Saif had revealed that the decision to get the tattoo was rather spontaneous. They were talking one afternoon, and somehow, the topic of David Beckham and his tattoos came up. One thing led to another, and Saif got inked.

He joked, “I wanted to say, ‘Look, this is what I have done and it’s a pretty serious commitment. I can wave it in your face every time you say ‘Casanova’! I’ll say, ‘But I haven’t done that before!'”

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