Karisma reveals how she has to face the wrath of social media because of Kareena

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Published by Shifa Naz on 17 Jan 2019

Kareena Kapoor Khan, the gorgeous Nawabi beauty is ruling over Bollywood with her latest radio show titled “What Women Want and  no prizes for guessing, it is all for, by and about the women.” It includes women of all types without any discrimination, from Sunny Leone to now Karisma Kapoor, it welcomes all categories of women to share their journey through her radio show.


The recent celebrity is Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor, both have been so close to each other and have seen every bit of their life sharing happiness and grief together. When Kareena was younger and Karisma was a renowned actress of her time, Bebo grew up seeing Lolo as her inspiration and it would be great watching these siblings together on the show. In one part of the show, we can see Bebo asking Lolo getting teased on the internet and see what Lolo said on this subject.


As we know Kareena is not an Instagram user and on the other hand, Karisma is quite active on the same social media platform sharing most part of their happiness. The 44-year-old actress shared that some of the unnamed users say her, “Aap apni behen ko Kaho itna pout na Kiya kare.” and also added further, “It’s a mixed bag and it’s really funny. Then maybe like, if I’ve not posted a picture in a long time with you or the family, there’s so many of your fans, who are like “Please ma’am, can you put a picture?’ So I think it’s a wonderful relationship also.”

Further, on the show when Kareena asked Karisma, who her role model was, Karisma told Kareena, “Today, you are my role model. We are in the same profession, and the kind of strength we offer to each other is amazing. Apart from you, our mom has been an inspiration who single-handedly raised us so well.”

The radio show, showing the wonderful bond of the two sisters is a must watch one.

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