Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 : Anurag to expose Naveen’s Affair and His true Colours

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Published by Isha Kataria on 23 Oct 2018

In the latest episode of ‘Kasautii Zindagi Kay’ Anurag is trying to expose Naveen and his girlfriend. Anurag is certain that something is cooking between Naveen and the girl. He is also convinced that Naveen is not the right match for Prerna.


The daily soap is witnessing a lot of drama. In yesterday’s episode, it was shown that Naveen meets his girlfriend in a hotel and lies to Mohini. Anurag was in doubt so he followed him to check what he is up to.

Further, in the episode, we will see Anurag revealing Naveen’s truth to his parents and tells them that he has seen him with a girl in a hotel room. As soon as Molloy gets to know about the truth he gets angry and he assures Mohini that if this turns out to be true then he will break this wedding. Molloy temper went high as he considers Prerna as his daughter. The drama was carried by a heated argument over Molloy statement about breaking the wedding.


On the other hand, Naveen’s girlfriend is seem planning and plotting against Prerna and assures that she will get him back. Anurag hears all the conversation that happened between Naveen and his girlfriend and soon realises that for Naveen the marriage with Prerna is just a part of a plan.


Now the fans are eager to know that the marriage will happen or not as Anurag has revealed the truth to his father. During the whole scene, Anurag and Prerna also realise that there might be some hidden feelings they have for each other.


Does Naveen actually have an affair? Will it be exposed? Will Anurag stop Prerna from marrying Naveen?

We all are awaited about what’s going to happen next in the drama.

Tell us what you guys think about the whole suspense in the comment section.

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