Kavita Krishnamurthy breaks into tears as Hema Malini recalls their childhood memories on the sets of Indian Idol 12

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Published by Mohit Kumar Dixit on 03 Aug 2021

Reknown Indian Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy recently visited Indian Idol 12 as the special guest. The award winning singer couldn’t control on her tears while the creative team of the show played a recorded message of Hema Malini.

Kavita Krishnamurthy who is the special guest at this week’s episode of musical reality show Indian Idol 12 breaks into tears after listening childhood memories of them by none other than Hema Malini. In the audio recorded message, Hema Malini said, “I am happy to be on Indian Idol again. I am happy to talk to all of you and that too, I will be talking about Kavita Krishnamurthy. I only know her as ‘Paapa’ – I know her from the time she was only a one or two-year-old child in Delhi.”

The Sholay actress revealed that their mothers always insist them to become artist one day, “So my mother began dance lessons for me. I entered the Hindi film world. I became a heroine too. But my family would always be on the lookout for what was happening in Kavita’s life. We found out that as a child artist Kavita had been giving singing performances,” she said.

Hema Malini also mentioned that she gave Kavita a break in a Bollywood film. “I was producing a film called Sharara. The film’s music was by Laxmikant Pyarelal and, in that film, as a duplicate, they included a song by Kavita. The song’s picturisation had been done on me with Kavita’s vocals. I enjoyed that and I said ‘my God, superb she is’.”

“And she became a world-famous singer. I feel very happy that in Kavita’s journey, I and my mother have made a small contribution. I am so happy for you, Kavita or I should call you ‘Paapa’. Nice to see that you are on Indian Idol… God bless you,” Hema further added.

An overwhelming Kavita who breaks into tears after listening to the message thanked Hema and calls her ‘farishta’, “Thank you so much. Hema ji is like a ‘farishta’ (angel) in my life. I will, forever, be indebted to her and her mother, Jayaji. I can never repay what they have done for me. Indian Idol, I would like to tell you – how could you make someone like Hemaji take time out for an ordinary talent like me and make her say so much about me? I am grateful to Hemaji and what she has done for my life.”

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