Kelly Clarkson appreciates Priyanka Chopra for helping her fixing her makeup once, Priyanka credits to ‘Indian in her’

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 31 Jul 2021

International star actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas once made a virtual entry in the popular The Kelly Clarkson Show, And the singer talked about their first ever meet. Kelly told her audience how the first time they met and how Priyanka helped in trying to fix her makeup.

While talking to Priyanka, Kelly said “Do you remember this moment? Because I do. You helped me out. Do you remember that?” while showing a picture of the two of them from a few years ago. In the picture, Priyanka and Kelly were seen backstage as the White Tiger actor fixed Kelly’s makeup with a tissue after her stage performance.

“I do remember that. You were going to go back on stage and this was the Variety Women or something… Power of Women…” Priyanka said.  While Kelly told, “You were so nice. Literally, I thought ‘she was so nice, she’s such a girl’s girl.’ I was so sweaty, I got off stage performing and I was about to go do another thing and I was like ‘Oh my god I’m so sweaty and I had nothing and you totally touched me up.”

Crediting her Indian origins Priyanka replied, “It’s also the Indian in me, I think. It’s a very cultural thing for me, being all up in your business and be like ‘Let me just get you! Come here, come here, show me your face. Clean you up, go on ahead’. It’s very cultural,” she said.

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