Kiara talks about being trolled; says ‘I want to have a normal day, and I don’t want to go into reading comments’

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 24 Aug 2021

Kiara Advani, who’s stellar performance in Shershah was heavily praised, admitted to have been brutally trolled in 2018, for a rumoured plastic surgery she got done. “Main kisi event ke liye gayi thi, jo pictures bahar aaye (I went for an event and when the pictures that came out) on different social media platforms, there were a lot of comments about, ‘Oh, she has done plastic surgery.’ And the irony of it was main almost believe karne lagi ki maine kuch kiya hai apne aap ko (I almost began to believe that I did something to my face),” Kiara told Arbaaz Khan on his chat show Pinch 2.

To add to the blasphemy, someone commented that she should stop working with Akshay Kumar. Kiara didn’t deny the fact that these comments took toll on her mental health. Her parents would regularly read comments on social media platforms, regarding Kiara.

“I ignore it as it does somewhere affect me. I want to have a normal day, and I don’t want to go into reading comments….we’re also humans.

“My parents hashtag Kiara Advani every day. I tell my mom to ignore it, but she tells me that she wants to know what is being said about me. So when you talk about culture, I believe that being respectful to one another is an important part of it. People should understand ‘ki yeh (actors) bhi insaan hai, inke bhi emotions hote hai’, they are sensitive, and there must be a reason behind it,” Kiara said.

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