Krushna Abhishek opens up on turbulent relationship with his mama Govinda

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Published by Shafali Nagar on 24 Jan 2022

Recently, in an exclusive interview with, Krushna Abhishek opened up about his equation with actor-mama Govinda. Calling Govinda his inspiration, Krushna Abhishek says whatever may happen, they will always be family.

While talking to the news portal, Krushna said they would be back together, and things keep happening in the family, but it will be sorted out soon. Also, he continues to look up to Govinda. The actor added for him Govinda will always be his Hero No 1 and he has been the inspiration for him since childhood.

Krushna Abhishek continued nobody is better than Govinda, and he is one of the best actors we have in India today. Also, I pray to God that he does a lot more good films and gets back to the superstardom that he enjoyed. According to Krushna, Govinda continues to be a star, and he wants him to do better and better.

The proud nephew while reacting to Govinda’s recent music video said Govinda is still the best no matter what people say and he still has the fire in him and can do wonders. For Krushna, Govinda will always be his hero, inspiration and he will keep looking up for him.

In the last, Krushna Abhishek said that he is on television every day and he does not want to be in news with such cheap tactics.

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