Russian Girl Ksenia Perova’s Sports Surprising Looks As She Turns Herself Into Famous Characters

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Published by Isha Kataria on 30 Nov 2018

Ksenia Perova, a 22-year-old girl who hails from Russia has is giving us jitters of excitement by just looking at her works. She started doing cosplay in 2014 and since that she’s been bringing her favorite movie characters to life by using her uniques talent and features along with profound artist skills. She has an extreme abundance of talent making her talent in making all characters she embodies look so real. She puts a lot of hard work, each of her transformations makes her look like she’s stepped right off the screen and into reality. Ksenia has been popular for her talent and has a huge following over internet with 70.4k followers.

Ksenia studies about all the details of the character and pulls it off so effortlessly that we are not able to find that the characters have become so real. From Mavis of Hotel Transilvania to Bellatrix from Harry Potter, you are going to like them all.

Check out few of her works that can take you to a real world of cartoon characters:

1. Elsa from Ralph

2. Victoria from Corpse Bride

3. Wednesday from The Addam’s Family

4. Belle from The Beauty and The Beast

5. Snow White from Ralph

6. Mavis

7. Andromeda and Sisters from Harry Potter

8. Mulan

Meanwhile, we all know that these all are our favorite characters from the beginning when they all entered our lives. Ksenia always inspires us by giving such a real version of such famous characters. These dynamic pictures look like the screenshot from the movie or the posters. Her art is beyond all the quality works we have ever seen.

Meanwhile, we are just drooling over such wonderful pictures. Ksenia’s hard work over such an artistic work has made her a sensation, an inspiration for others. People all over the world follow her to know about her versions of cartoon cosplay.

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