Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’s Myra To Play Radha In ‘Maddam Sir’; Says ‘Very Excited For The Role’

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Child actors always add to the charm of any show with their cuteness and if they act good, then they become favorites of the audience very soon and people remember them for long. In fact, the shows that cast children in lead roles gain a higher TRP. Myra Singh is a child actor who can be named among them who are loved by the viewers. Myra was seen in the lead role in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. The cute face of Amayra and her spontaneous acting won many hearts. She played the daughter of Sikander in the show.

The role of Sikander was played by Mohit Malik. The story showed a deep bonding between the father and daughter but their relationship was not like what happens in other common families. The turmoil in their relationship was portrayed by Myra very well. Now the child actress has got a chance to act in Maddam Sir.

She will be playing the character of a 14-year-old girl named Radha in the show. Like Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, this serial too has a connection with music. Radha loves singing and it’s her passion. But her father is too conservative to let her pursue a career in singing.

When asked about her role, Myra said that she is very excited. Singing is her hobby in real life too and that’s why she is interested to play this role, added Myra. She said that it will be easier for her to relate to the character.

Talking about the story, Myra said that Radha will escape from her house as her father won’t let her sing. She will reach Lucknow. Myra has done the filming of a promo. She is now waiting to join the show.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 30 Sep 2020

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